What is a Purple Mountain Solution?

By: Blake Mathies

To be able to answer this question you first have to understand our company and a 3 sentence history. Purple Mountain Solutions, Inc. is a 100% disabled veteran owned company with 25%+ of it’s workforce also veterans. In the military when a joint operation is created it’s called a purple operation instead of Army green or Air force blue….it’s multi-service and joint so it’s purple. We were founded in Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains and mountains are always seen as presenting unique challenges in order to scale or conquer them. So we created Purple (joint) Mountain (unique problem) Solutions (solving problems for our customers benefit).

So what is a Purple Mountain Solution? Actually, it’s a variety of things. You may have heard of 3PL (3rd Party Logistics Company). Well we view ourselves as a 3PSC (3rd Party Supply Chain Company). We have the experts, experience, facilities, tools and processes to provide sourcing, purchasing, inventory management, logistics, warehouse operations and transportation needs across most industries in the public and private sector. That’s a mouth full. So let’s break it down. Our ability to perform one or all of these functions in concert with each other means we can manage all or parts of your supply chain for you. This allows you to focus your time, money and energy on your core competency whether that be manufacturing of various types, physical distribution of goods or services like lab or health care. We can expertly perform a variety of supply chain or logistics services to allow you to focus on what you excel at.

So in this episode let’s focus on what happens when one or a number of failures occur upstream in the supply chain or manufacturing process and now time is of the essence. “We need it there yesterday.” Ever hear or say that? When breakdowns occur and you need something there yesterday, Purple Mountain Solutions has an expedited transportation service to get it there….at least today (we can’t go backwards in time…yet). When we acquired Gold Cross Courier Service it was with the intent of being able to provide that expedited transportation service. With our fleet of roughly 100 vehicles ranging from a sedan to a 26’ box truck we can expedite your freight to get it there today. And it won’t cost you a green mountain of cash. Safety of our crew, our vehicle and your property is paramount. So while we will rush to get to your destination we will do it safely, in accordance with the law and with your precious cargo as the center of our attention. We guarantee it.

Each of our 5 hubs in Wisconsin and Minnesota (soon to be 6) has the capability of performing expedited transportation and delivery services to anywhere in the United States. Our highly trained and professional crews all have the military mindset of completing the mission instilled in them. Our safety training program is second to none and our customer service program allows up to the second updates on the location of the vehicle tasked with supporting your mission because what is almost as important as getting it there fast is knowing the status of your delivery on demand.

So give us a call if you need something there today because something didn’t go as planned yesterday. That will give you a good idea of what kinds of outstanding solutions we provide. And then we can talk about our regular, dedicated and uniquely designed logistics solutions catered to your needs. But that’s a topic for next time. Until then….

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